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We build tools for the independent musician. Try our new membership platform.
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how it works

a membership platform, built for independent musicians
start a community for your most passionate fans
offer sneak peeks and early access to your projects
members subscribe monthly to gain access to your community
you instantly receive 80% of  your subscription revenue
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why artst?

work with our growth hackers to start unlocking your true value
tap into an audience of 400+ music fans on artst
stand out from the crowd by offering more to your fans
build a community of fans who promote your work
no risk, no obligation, completely free to use
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We'll set up and kickstart your account for free.
"I've had a great experience working with the artst team. They are extremely organized, attentive, and always available to bounce ideas off of, troubleshoot, or brainstorm. It's exciting to be a part of a platform that allows me to connect with my fans in a totally unique way."
"Love the whole artst team! We’re able to work effortlessly alongside them from LA to the UK and share exclusive content to my community exactly how I want to."
"As an independent musician, artst supports my project very closely: not only providing original ideas that would fit my musical content but also having a direct relationship with all the team, constant updates and praising their artists for their work, which makes you want to create more."

frequently asked questions

How many members should I be aiming for?

If you're converting just 1% of your Instagram following, you're absolutely smashing it! Set small goals with five members at a time; a small but supportive community is the perfect testing ground for new ideas.

Does this mean I have to create more content?

Absolutely not. We have developed a very clear path to a successful membership which does not require any additional content creation. You can work directly with us or follow the artst Academy playbooks to learn more.

How do I know what my fans want?

You can start just by asking. Every successful membership starts with a dialogue between the artist and their supporters. You can quickly gather information using polls on social media or your mailing list.

Should I wait until I have a bigger fanbase?

We don't think so. You and your fans need a substitute for live shows, plus early adopters often become the platform icons. We're here now to help you grow your community and even add your requested features.

How do I ask fans for support?

Ask for support, but don’t make it the central tactic. Focus on promoting teasers of the valuable experience you're offering, and then invite fans to gain access to the full experience on artst.

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